Brothers and Sisters:

I encourage Running Down the Walls , September 12th, nationwide.

The crimes against native people have gone 100% unpunished for over 500 years– since 1492. Yet we who fight by any means for justice have been shot, dog mauled, beat, gassed, tortured, held in solitary for years. We have had our mail stolen 1000s and 1000s of times. We have been held in these cement coffins separate from our children, wives, native nations, husbands, partners, and elders. We can only rise in higher thought or higher education, or we can fall into a deep and dark self-pity.

I look at RDTWs and I gain strength. Some good people are still out there who really believe in political prisoners’ freedom. So our actions will have lasting power to change the wrongs of colonialism and its work of genocide to rob more land from native nations. RDTW gives me hope and power. Since you all never give up, I’ll never give up!

Love, Oso Blanco