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Indigenous Anarchist Political Prisoner of wolf clan Cherokee/Choctaw heritage

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The Case

Oso Blanco became known by the authorities as “Robin the Hood” after the FBI and local gang unit APD officers learned from a CI that he was robbing banks to send thousands of dollars to the Zapatista Rebels of Chiapas regularly during 1998 and 1999.

He is now serving 55 years in prison for bank robbery, aggravated assault on the FBI, escape and firearms charges. Oso Blanco defended himself from federal agents in a gun battle on August 13th 1999 at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although he escaped, he was arrested later that day and sentenced to time in New Mexico’s state Penitentiary. After serving just over a year in New Mexico, he escaped from a prison transport van and almost immediately began robbing banks. He was recaptured a short time later. Oso Blanco never used a gun in any bank robbery, but he has a long history of living by the gun and will not hesitate to use it on the agents of repression or the occupiers of Aztlan whom force false laws on the true people of this land. He is not asking for monetary support– he’s only asking that people become aware of indigenous people’s issues. In an interview he expressed “I am still able to hold my head up high and feel the gratification for my work in a world where money, power and destructive industries are regarded far above humanity, indigenous and impoverished peoples and cultures. I cannot help that I got deeply into my work….”

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The Cause - New Aztlán

Oso Blanco has been learning Cherokee and working on a project to reclaim Cherokee land in the mountains where current TN, AL & GA all meet. A really amazing article about some of these concepts is Re-envisioning Resurgence: Indigenous pathways to decolonization and sustainable self-determination by Jeff Corntassel.

In Oso Blanco’s words: The Southwest and most of Oregon – is Aztlán, a place – a land – a nation – a sacred zone that has been hidden from the scholars of history, the indigenous Mexica youth, thanks to the Freemasons, the Vatican and Mormons high in the ranks of the Salt Lake Temple (who are masons too). Brothers and sisters; this is our Land and its time the truth be let out for all to see. Aztlán is unlawfully occupied. But I need not explain all the treacherous ways they came trespassing upon Holy, set apart Aztlán. The days for that are over. Because now the destructive way of Life or existing as slaves in our Grandfathers own Land, is killing everything. – the way they control us is robbing the life from us – masking our Indigenous powers and massive medicine. We live easy yet “empty” we are “lazy” yet a very unhealthy lazy spiritually – emotionally – physically – and we must set ourselves Free. We must return – the New Aztlán is now.

We shall no longer kill Mother Earth and everything else just to have modern technologies and pay for death as tax slaves. We shall rise up refusing to be slaves to commerce and political lies, in our own Land. “We shall be High master” – High master of the heart Realm of Higher Consciousness.

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Support the Cause

Oso Blanco is a prolific artist even with limited supplies in prison

Support him in using art to further the cause of helping indigenous children

Children's Art Project

More Information

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A summary of the facts that is easy to print and hand out

‘Robin the Hood’ zine

A collection of letters from Oso Blanco from roughly a 5-year period

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Work published by Oso Blanco

Photo Gallery

Photographs of Oso Blanco, family and friends

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